Ruminex is the blend of two words viz. Ruminate and Execute. We are the System Integrators and Trainers in Big Data (Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB) and the Integration Technologies (Java, Microsoft .NET, Spring, Hibernate). Our process starts with a deep thinking to strategize and then we execute the solution.

Our team has 20+ years of experience in implementing and supporting products and applications using then-current technologies. We firmly believe that we have to be on the move with the technology. We can only progress only if we “sync” ourselves with the rapid technology expansion and changes. We have proved time and again how we could adapt to the ever-changing technologies by delivering products written in 4GL to internet/intranet based Java and Microsoft .NET applications, SAP Integration using SOA to the Cloud based development with Big Data solutions.

Ruminex Inc believes that we need to be “earlier than thou” in industry recognized newer technologies. We have invested significant amount of time and energy in Big Data technologies such as
Cassandra, Hector, Astyannax, Hadoop, Hive, HBase, MapReduce, Pig, MongoDB and Sqoop to provide consulting and support services both onsite and offshore. We have positioned ourselves to be the leader in providing solutions in those technologies.

Ruminex Inc’s believes in “detailed learning” and our approach has been to “deep dive” into the subjects so that we can provide our best services to the organizations like you. We have had experience where knowing how the internals work, how the architecture is set-up, services that are essential, integration with high-level client, interfacing with external systems and best-practice strategies have helped us in providing the right solutions to the organizations. We have also developed tools to improve the development time.

All our Ruminex Inc’s consultants are highly knowledgeable resources and help in imparting and sharing knowledge with the team members and outsiders without any inhibition. We are proud to have worked with a diverse, highly educated, certified, international workforce for global projects.

Ruminex management team takes an active role in both onsite and offshore to deliver our services to the highest quality within the time and budget. Our “delivery model” and process ensures that the stakeholders requirements are met exactly with the technical delivery. Our management and trusted resources have strong technology background to provide the services that will keep you happy for years.
We guarantee that all our consultants on a project will deliver and meet your specific requirements and expectation. We are head-quartered in Dallas, TX and have presence in United States and India with a vast network of global resources.